Segesta and Erice

Segesta, the ancient rival of Selinunte, is still present today as a true labyrinth of ruins. 41 km from Trapani, perched on Mount Barbaro, Segesta is located in a harmonious and relaxing nature. Today Segesta retains significant traces of the past: the Doric temple and the theater. In particular, the theater, dating back to the middle of the third century. A. C, shows itself as a large semicircle of about 60 meters in diameter, with about twenty stairs excavated in the rock. Placed on the slopes of Mount Barbaro, the Doric Temple, reveals all its grandeur: in the open air, the temple has a perimeter that measures about 60×26 meters, and is surrounded by 84 columns.

Another of the main tourist destinations in Sicily is the medieval town of Erice, located on the summit of an isolated mountain, at the northwestern far end of Sicily, and 15 km from Trapani. A marvelous synthesis of art, history and landscape, Erice maintains virtually intact its medieval center, perfectly integrated with the surrounding nature. The triangular urban structure is delimited on the western side by cyclopean walls interrupted by turrets and Norman doors. To the southeast of the village lies the beautiful Balio garden, inside which stands the Pepoli castle. Erice welcomes more than 60 churches, including the Matrice, dedicated to the Assumption and erected in the early 14th century. The heart of the city is represented by Piazza Umberto I, overlooking the Town Hall, which houses the Cordici Museum.