Trapani, Marsala and the Stagnone Nature Reserve

About thirty kilometers from the village of Castellammare lies the town of Trapani, known as the salt and sailing city, known for its wide marina and the special shape of the area, so it seems that the city faces two seas. Its origins are so ancient to sink into legend, but the undisputed importance that the city has had in history is also proved by the reference that the poet Virgil does in his Aeneid. Out of legend, history confirms that there were numerous and varied peoples who inhabited Trapani: Elimi, Phoenicians, Sicani, Greeks, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans and Spaniards. Of this enormous historical heritage, the city of Trapani still has many beauties.

Within a short distance we find Marsala, the largest municipality in the province of Trapani, famous for its wine. It rises on the ruins of the ancient Phoenician city “Lilibeo”, whose continuous excavations make it an open-air museum. For those who care about the natural aspect, in the area you can visit the Stagnone Reserve, a lagoon-archipelago where many protected species have found their habitat, characterized by low and hot waters. Typical of the area are also salt pan.

Enjoying the sunset on the salt pans of Marsala is worth the trip to Sicily.